Comprehensive analysis of the Fintech LTD software

Owned by Daniel Roberts, the FinTech LTD binary robot is that powerful software which detects profitable openings by observing the financial markets quite closely. It is known to place trades robotically depending on the investor’s modified preferences. This company is one of the most professionally planned and offer its users with a gainful as well as pleasant experience while investing.

How can one use this software?

FinTech LTD offers a big asset index including commodities, indices, stocks, and currency pairs. It is your wish to select the type of trade you want the company to invest on your behalf. This decision includes the determination of the amount you would be investing in a single trade and creating limits on the trade numbers performed. These settings are easy to change; however once they are created, the software takes the responsibility and continues to open positions even when you are logged out of your account. This is an amazing feature of FinTech profits as with the help of automated trading process, you are enabled to reach a much bigger trading volume which would have not been that easily possible for a normal human trader.

The user is not required to have any prior experience in online trading before using this binary options robot. However, this doesn’t imply that FinTech LTD robot is only interested in involving beginners. In fact, with the variety of tools, features and options available with them, this software proves to be a very helpful solution for professionals too.

Download-free software:

The best feature of FinTech LTD is the user need not to download the software in their system. In addition to this, it works compatibly with any operational system, be it Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. Doesn’t matter what you are using- a PC, tablet, laptop or smart phone, you can easily access this software and monitor your investments. This progressing system is accessible without any fee for a restricted number of spots each day. Once the maximum limit has been reached, the user will have to wait until the following one.

The users need to deposit a minimum amount of $250, which is used to finance your own trading account and not for any benefit of the makers of this binary options system. Remember that the amount of pay-out completely depends on the amount of money you have invested; the bigger the investment, the higher is the pay-out.

The assortment of opportunities offered by this binary options software in terms of investment is extremely vast. The users can easily customize all the unique characteristics of this software and diverse indicators and plans are applied back to back or even all of them at once to completely enhance the trading experience of the investors.

Automated Binary Options Trading Strategies

Since its conception, Binary Option has gone several modifications and continually changing on its way to perfection. Hence, if you wish to become a better trader, make sure you get the latest developments and trends in the business.

Financial charts


Binary Option has not been popularized until the last quarter of 2008. It was in this year when Wallstreet was in the mix-up mystification and that the world was threatened by the financial crisis.

This was the time several financial institutions closed down such as the Lehman Brothers. This was the circumstances that brought Binary Options, you can try some in Top 7 Binary Robots ,into the world of business as there had been a desperate need for investments with a lower risk profile to be used for the traders.

So what are the advantages of Binary Options Trading? First, it does not require really require trading experience, however it is much better for newbies to get a good grip on what the business really is before investing.

However, it is not a complex as forex trading. Second, unlike forex, the trader already knows how much he or she will be receiving and it offers a high return on investment.

Third, it offers fast and easy approach as the trader uses the mobile application on many platforms. Lastly, it is the only financial tool that provides traders with a variety of assets to trade.


Just like any other investment, one must have a plan in mind on how to make the most of his or her investments. Unnecessary mistakes might cost a fortune. For starters, the trader must be knowledgeable of the two rules: 5/15 rule and the 10/30.

  • 5/15 rule – The trader must keep in might to set a maximum loss margin that can handle without sacrificing his or her profit potential.

The 5/15 rule is used as a risk management tool in when investing with low risk. It means the percentage executed in a single trade in parallel to the percentage of the whole capital.

For example: If the total investment amounts to $1000, then the only allowable risk is 5% in a single transaction and %150 of the entire capital.

  • 10/30 rule – if a trader wishes to earn more than the amount he or she used to get, then this rule might come handy, especially for aggressive individuals.

The rule simply means the trader is only allowed to invest 10% in a single trade and 30% during the trading sessions. For example: of the total capital $1000 the only allowable risk is $100 in a single transaction and $300 from his entire capital.

It is encouraged to have proper capital management. Such as recording all the trades and trend for a better understanding of asset movement and eventually provide better trade strategies in the future.

One efficient way of doing this is using a trading robot. What it does is that it trades for the trader automatically.

This is useful for newbies and busy people, but wants to make money. Finally, for those who worry so much of their investment, it is always encouraged to conceptualize exit plans or safety nets in case of consecutive losses.

Making Money Fast and Easy

Since the collapse of huge financial institutions during the financial crises life has never been easy. A lot of people have been competing for job positions in various companies to the extent that labour becomes one of the commodities.

Other people were so desperate that they had decided to work two jobs in a day. However, because of these experiences Binary Options trading was born.

Make Money Easily

What is Binary Option?

In order to get a good grasp of the definition of Binary Options trading, you must at least be familiar with FOREX trading and the stock exchange. Although these three trading types are similar, their processes are different from one another.

When we say FOREX and stock exchange, it simply means buying currencies whenever their value  tends to move up. However, in this type of business, you need to have a huge amount of money to start trading which can be very demanding and time-consuming.

On the other side of the coin, Binary Options is simpler and has a wide number of trading options. You may trade assets, whether currencies, commodities, or stocks, whichever is available on your trading tools. It is all about speculation, whether the value of your assets will rise or fall at the end of a certain period.

What are the requirements?

Any person is allowed to trade as long as he or she is 18 years of age. If you are younger than 18, then you will not be allowed to trade on any platform.

Each platform will require aspiring individuals for documents such as proof of identity and other legal forms to make sure   that you have fulfilled its minimum requirements. Although you are not required to have a wide knowledge about the financial market and all topics associated with it, it is important that you have a good understanding or familiarity of the financial activities in your country.

This is helpful for anyone who wishes to succeed in this business. If you are updated with the current financial activities, you will have better judgement and become more efficient when dealing with the various options on the platform.

You must not invest all your money in the trade, such as your budget for daily needs and basic necessities of your family as the whole investment might result in financial loss. Make sure to put all your safety nets in place before dwelling into this kind of business.

Although a Binary option is profitable, it has its own risks. Ultimately, simply bet what you can afford to lose for safety and security purposes.

You are allowed to trade from your own credit cards or bank accounts. You will be asked to provide personal information once you apply for the business such as phone numbers, home address, and emails among others.

Binary option has many advantages. It offers a high return on investment, unlike the traditional FOREX and stocks exchange.

It is easy and fast as its broker platform does not require third-party involvement. However, it requires Internet access and a smartphone for example to use its tools.

Binary options 101, a beginners guide

Life is tough, admit it! Quick money is not always that easy. There will be times when you need to sacrifice part of your time to get an extra income.

Whenever everything goes south and you feel that you need to cave into the challenges, then maybe it is time to make better options.  So here is a short guide for neophytes who wish to make money with binary options trading:


  • Learn what is a Binary option  and start researching about it. Learn its processes and procedures.

If possible, ask for an advice from somebody who has done it already. Make sure you know what you are getting into otherwise you might lose your money for nothing.

  • Find a good broker, if not the best. Look for somebody that will help you achieve your goals otherwise you might face unnecessary difficulties in the future. However, whoever choose to make sure that person has a good reputation in the business. Inexperienced brokers may not be as helpful.
  • Look for signaling services that can tilt the odds into the trader’s advantage. However, in case you do have the funds for paid services, you might want to consider searching for free services.
  • Consider using technical trading indicators to get the advantage of price action charts. You do not have to look for sophisticated options. However, simply choose the ones that work well for you.

What good is a tool when you cannot get the most of it, right? So, you might want to weigh in your options properly otherwise you will fall victim to your own decisions.

  • Get some experience by doing stock trading. It is always better to learn the traditional way just to be familiar with the language and processes of the trading business.

Binary options and stock trading differ in their features such as assets handling, risk factors, profitability, and sustainability among others. Although Binary options are more flexible and more rewarding compared to the traditional trading, it might be a bit difficult, especially when you are a neophyte in the business.

  • Look for a binary options website. There are a lot of options online to choose from and all these sites are eager to have you sign up on their portals and offer you bonuses. These trading sites can be very inviting so make sure to pick the one that offers the best advantage.
  • Start reading financial news on paper and online. You might start subscribing financial reviews on various business sites or subscribe to your daily new paper mail.

News updates can be very useful for you if you wish to progress in the business. It is the best way to help you get the latest data and make a better judgment about the trade.

  1. Learn from your mistakes; observe caution on your decisions. Figures can be very confusing.

At some point, an accomplished trader was a neophyte. Hence, embrace the possibilities and grab your opportunities. In a year or two, you might be one of the most successful traders in the business.


How to Achieve Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is much more than making money or being rich. It is a financial state wherein an individual is fully aware of what he has and what he hasn’t.

Financial freedom is attained when an individual is aware of what he has, what he doesn’t have What he is capable of buying, and what he shouldn’t be getting at the time being.

Businessman working with laptop on building steps

Technically as stated in, being financially independent means that your assets exceed your expenses. It means that one doesn’t have to break one’s back to obtain the basic needs such as water, food, shelter, and clothing.

Since the state of being rich is relative, financial freedom could also be a relative term. A rich man might have more money than a poor man, but it doesn’t necessarily imply that a rich man is financially free.

A rich man’s lifestyle might exceed the amount of money he produces. This type of lifestyle is pretty common nowadays, wherein money simply comes and goes. One can achieve financial freedom, even though one doesn’t have the glitz and that glam that is usually associated with being rich.

How can you achieve financial freedom?

  1. Budget

Again, financial freedom entails being aware of your financial status. Hence, the first step to gaining that independence is actually knowing the finances in the house.

List down your monthly expenses. If necessary, cut down some expenses.

Ask yourself if you really need to buy that new handbag or that new pair of shoes. If the new iPhone is out, would it be wise to buy it, even though you still have a perfectly operational phone?

  1. Invest

Invest for your future or for your family’s. It might seem like it’s just spending a lot of today, but really, your investments could save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Think of an educational plan, a health plan, travel insurance and etc.

If you want to be settled in and trouble-free when you retire, then you might as well invest your money when you’re young. Nevertheless, retired citizens can still find a bunch of ways to invest their savings. But you don’t really want to wait a few years to actually realize that you should’ve listened to your younger self.

  1. Work

If you want financial freedom, then you have got to work diligently. If you’re tired of your 8-hour daily routine at work, then maybe you should consider quitting. As they say, “do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

If you can’t possibly think of anything else to do, then ask yourself why you decided to take on that job in the first place. Rekindle that flame.

  1. Minimize

As mentioned, you should cut down some expenses. Prioritize the needs rather than your wants.

Aside from this, you should minimize your worries for your future. Don’t forget to live in the present.

If things don’t go your way, then don’t worry about it. Learn from your mistakes.

Free yourself from inhibitions, and do your best. If you want to attain financial freedom, it is best if you remember the four key details listed above.


How to Make More Money

If you’re still in the same financial condition you’ve been in the past few years, even though you have been working your butt off, that might be a sign that it is time for a change. If you’ve always dreamed of living a posh lifestyle, then this guide is for you.

Rich people are where they are because they have taken risks. And most likely, most of the risks have ended in failure.

Nevertheless, they have persevered. They got up, learned from their mistake, and applied it the next time they decided to take a risk.

From your character to your habits, there could be a dozen reasons why you’re still not living the life you’ve always imagined. But this guide isn’t here to lecture you about what you need to change about yourself. Listed below is a simple and effective way to make more money, through binary options.

pushing the graph

What is Binary Options Trading?

Binary options trading is a type of investment. Initially, an investor would have to purchase some investments.

The investor would have to sell those assets back to the market. If the value of those assets is high in the market, the investor makes money.

However, if the value of those assets decreases, then the investor loses money. “Binary” meaning two refers to the two options of binary options trading, which are Call and Put.

Call refers to the prediction that the price of the asset will rise. Put, on the other hand, refers to the opposite. Put refers to the prediction that the value of the asset will fall.

What assets can be used in Binary Options Trading?

There are four types of assets you can trade in BO: indices, forex, commodities, and stocks. A few examples of indices are Nasdaq, Dow Jones, FTSE, and the like. Forex refers to combinations of major currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY to name a few.

Commodities refer to items such as gold, silver, oil, corn, coffee, and etc. The fourth option is stocked. A stock refers to a type of investment that signifies ownership in a particular company.

How do I trade?

To place a Binary Options trade on an asset, one needs to be able to understand the market. To make more money in this field, you need to know if the value of your asset will rise or fall in a particular amount of time.

If you are completely new to this, it would be ideal if you would catch a few lessons about trading from the experts. If you aren’t familiar with the highs and lows of the market, then binary options trading will be a high-risk and expensive gamble.

Hence, you should enroll yourself in some classes. You can find a ton of them online.

Be careful with Binary Option companies. Over the past few years, these websites have grown in number, and a good deal of them are completely bogus or are incompetent.

Hence, before you decide to dive in Binary Options, make sure you know the twists and turns of this trade. Find a good educational facility that will teach you the strategies of this trade. So, find yourself a well-known and credible partner in this business venture.